COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The Trump administration has now put a travel ban on U.S. travel to North Korea.

This is following the death of U.S. student Otto Warmbier who passed away in June after returning from a prison in the socialist nation.

KAGS learned today that this ruling could impact some Texas A&M students. Edwin Price, an A&M professor, went to North Korea 6 years ago and that's when the conversation started.

A conversation about helping a North Korean private university, teach classes and provide curriculum.

"I feel like it's a loss, anytime we don't have the opportunity for an exchange between any country is a loss overall," Price says.

Representatives from the North Korean University came to Texas A&M just a few months ago, which is when the ideas being thrown around started to become more real... but with this new travel ban, those ideas might stay just that.

"A loss of a life or other injuries committed toward American citizens in country is a concern for us and its a concern for everybody," he said.