COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Hurricane Matthew is making its way toward the United States and it could side swipe parts of the east coast. According to NBC News, the death toll for the category four hurricane has risen to 25.

Andrew Natsios is a Texas A&M professor and former CEO for the United States Agency for International Development. He says this is the greatest natural disaster to hit Haiti since the Great Earthquake in 2010.

"It will take weeks to months to restore the electrical power on the island," said Natsios. "The area most severely effected will be uninhabitable for at least a month or many two months."

Professor Natsios says aid was brought into the country even before the hurricane hit. Organizations there will be assisting with shelter, food, and medical needs. He also says the relief team will likely be in the county for a couple months.

In the U.S., North and South Carolina, Georgia and Florida have declared a state of emergency.