COLLEGE STATION, Texas - In the year 2017, devices such as smart phones and high tech homes are becoming more and more prominent and pretty soon autonomous cars may be driving the world we live in.

"This is a self driving shuttle. What it does right now is it is able to go from point "a" to point "b" and take people autonomously from one location to the other location, while following the rules of the road," said Associate Professor Sri Saripalli.

Researchers with the Texas A&M Engineering department are looking to revolutionize the way people get around in a vehicle that will make you feel like you're driving into to the future

"It uses cameras, lasers and a GPS unit just like the one you have in your cell phone, and it combines all of them so it creates a map of the surrounding obstacle and is able to stop for them," said Saripalli.

The automated vehicles are able to adapt to their surrounding environment and the university has created a self driving version of both a standard car and a golf cart.

"This vehicle is limited to 25 miles per hour and we have had success running it up to 15-20 mph," said Graduate Research Assistant Garrison Neel.

It may be a few years until fully autonomous cars hit the market, but researchers with the university are hoping to start testing these cars on the open roads of College Station in early September.