COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Some Texas A&M students and student athletes are coming together to host an event this Saturday.

The goal is to end athlete stereotypes and simply to get get to know one another, they are calling the event Aggies Are More.

"The student body is coming together with athletics and this event is show people there is more to someone then what there appears to be," Ashley Coy, a founder said.

What makes this event so unique is that its student run and not apart of an organization on campus.

"I think a lot of the regular students put us in a box and think that we are just here to run and that's one thing I like to take pride in, I'm an engineering major and an athlete and when people find out he level of respect is substantial," Kohl Anderson a founder and student athlete said.

The event is expected to have at least 200 people at the Texas A&M Hall of Champions Saturday afternoon at 1 o'clock. Organizers hope this will become a yearly event.