HEARNE, Texas - New documents obtained by KAGS has shown text messages and letters of complaints sent to the city of Hearne regarding Sgt. Stephen Yohner.

Yohner resigned from Hearne PD back in April after inappropriate allegations were made. However, his attorney says those allegations are not true.

With our open request we saw that, that is true. Texas messages go on and on with pictures being sent and suggestive language. Plus shared worry about the chief seeing their conversations.

Among the three complaint letters we received, one came from a former Hearne officer trained under Yohner. He stated he had a disease and was addicted to a vulgar word for a woman's anatomy.

We know these complaints have lead to the Texas Rangers investigation, that investigation is still open and they haven't made any determination about it yet.

We reached out to Stephen Yohner's attorney today three times to give him an opportunity to comment, but so far haven't heard back.