Call it the longest 15 minutes of Daryl Jerden’s life.

“I was just driving, trying not to go too fast but speeding,” he said. “Obviously, we had to get there.”

Early Wednesday morning, Daryl and his wife, Rachel, started to notice her contractions were picking up speed.

Her due date was approaching, but the couple decided to play it safe and head from their Saginaw home to Baylor Hospital in Fort Worth.

“By the time we got up to [Interstate] 820, my water broke,” Rachel said.

Sitting in the front seat, it wasn’t long before the 25-year-old young mother realized her baby was coming.

Soon, as Daryl sped down the interstate, they both realized the baby was breeched.

“I saw his butt first,” said Rachel. “At first, I was terrified. I'm not going to lie."

Daryl quickly dialed 911, and soon a MedStar ambulance was zipping down I-35W trying to find the couple as they looked for a safe place to pull over.

“They’re doing so much construction right now, so there isn’t really a place to stop,” says Daryl.

Rachel started to push, and a few pushes later, little Brantley was delivered in their Chevy’s front passenger seat. She said he was a little cold and quiet, but that he was breathing.

“The paramedics, the firefighters, and the staff at Baylor, they are all incredible,” Daryl said with gratitude on Thursday.

Brantley was in the NICU Thursday to help with his breathing, but mom said he should be just fine down the road.

“He’s going to have a great story to tell,” Rachel exclaimed.