HOUSTON -- People fed up with crime made a dramatic stand on the streets of River Oaks this week.

A guy says someone was trying to steal his lawn equipment when witnesses stepped in to help. It happened Monday afternoon near Elmen and Peden Streets.

Landon Wasem was on a sales call walking along the road when he grabbed his cell phone to capture the dramatic confrontation.

“It's not something you would ever think you'd typically come across,” Wasem said.

The video shows a car wedged in by a truck with two men attempting to break open the windows.

According to authorities, the man driving the car was trying to make off with a leaf blower from a nearby landscaping crew when he crashed into a light pole.

Witnesses said the two men attacking the car were Good Samaritans trying to do the right thing.

A few seconds go by before the guy in the car is seen tossing out the leaf blower. Then he manages to speed off.

The owner of the landscaping company said he's forever grateful to the men who took a stand on that street.

Wasem is happy he was able to help out, too.

"Somebody had to record it to believe it and I was there. Some people might just roll over. But Texans usually fight back," Wasem said.

Wasem shared his video with police.

No one was injured during the incident, and so far, no one has been arrested.