TODD MISSION, Texas - The largest renaissance festival in the nation may be a few months away but ticket sales go on sale this week.

With more than 600,000 people in attendance last year, management has decided to bring new attractions and venues to the grounds.

Several food places have started construction to expand their kitchens and seating arrangements.

"One of the Greek food places, they are undergoing a rebuild right now, they have taken out one third of their food service areas, building new open kitchens and just a new food concept," Travis Bryant, Dir. of sales said.

A brand new reception area is also being built and will hold more than two hundred people.

Ligia Giles has 14 buildings at Ren Fest and one of her pubs are getting an expansion as well.

"If we see anything that needs to be done,me and my daughter and my son get together with pen and paper and say okay how can we make this better," Giles said.