COLLEGE STATION, Texas- A nationwide debate sparked by a recent string of tweets from President Trump barring of transgender troops from military service.

It's a decision that could potentially affect thousands of troops and vets including Ellie Scott.

Ellie formerly served in the US Air Force and over the past few months has started the process of becoming a woman.

For 28 years, Ellie said she felt trapped, and like she was holding onto an identity that wasn't truly hers.

"One day I had a dream that kind of made me stop and ask my self is this who I am? I was okay, I was living but I wasn't really thriving," said Ellie.

Ellie says although being a transgender woman is a critical part of her life, it isn't something that defines who she is.

"It's just a detail of my life, it's not an all-consuming identity that's is all there is to me," said Ellie.

After hearing the news of President Trumps plans regarding transgender troops, Ellie says although she wasn't surprised, it still felt like a personal attack on her and the transgender community.

"It's two large chunks of my life that are very important to who I am, but someone who obviously doesn't understand both of them, having never been trans and never been in the military, making this decision seems pointless at best and deliberately hurtful at worst," said Ellie.