COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Anton Gridnev died in the Sigma Nu house last August and the autopsy report confirmed the 19-year-old had several different types of opiods in his system.

Such as hydrocodone and heroin. Following his death, 9 of his fraternity brothers were arrested in connection to the drugs found at the house the night Gridnev died.

Here's a break down of where their cases lie in the judicial system.

Five, have requested a motion to suppress certain evidence from the trial and if they win, the prosecution or judge may have to dismiss the case.

Two are still waiting to hear back for a court date, while the last two have filed for retention. None of the men where ever charged with Gridnev's death.

Three months later, another student died of accidental overdoes. This time at the Sigma Phi Epsilon house. The Sheriff's office says there was no foul play.

An autopsy obtained by KAGS shows the 20-year member had codeine in his system.

No one was arrested in this case and it is now closed according to the sheriff's office.