COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- An empty lot in Northgate by Elixir and Chimy's will soon transform into a food court.

Last week, City of College Station approved it's first ever food court park and now that empty lot will be a home to nine food trucks and a beer and wine concession.

The fenced in lot will provide security of the nine trucks during off hours and once a year the trucks will need to head to City Hall for an inspection.

Jerome Rektorik with the City's Planning and Zoning Commission says the move will attract new businesses and customers with options.

"It's a one stop shop where you can get a variety of different foods that patrons will know exactly what the food trucks will have because it will be here on a permanent basis and so they will know what the foods the food trucks are offering," Rektorik said.

Plans for the grand opening of the food court is slated for early next year.