BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas - Voices for Children, Inc. a local non profit is calling on the community for help.

With nearly 32,000 children in foster care in Texas awaiting a safe, permanent place to call home, Voices for Children is urging people from the community to learn how they can serve as a foster child's lifeline by becoming a CASA volunteer.

At Voices for Children CASA's are trained community volunteers who are appointed by a judge to speak on behalf of children who have been removed from their home by child protective services.

Voices for Children Director AJ Renold says that these volunteers help fill the void that exists between government agencies and the child's well being.

"Help is needed. So Voices for Children and the CASA programs here and around the country really step in and fill the gaps where investigation and monitoring are lacking from the government," said Renold.

Since its creation in 1977 CASA has provided a resource that enables an individual to devote extensive time to each case.

Judge John Delaney is responsible for hearing the child abuse and neglect cases that occur in Brazos County and says CASA volunteers are an important asset in these cases.

"Case workers can change throughout the department and often do because of the turnover that they unfortunately experience. Foster parents often change but the CASA volunteer that initially starts with the child stays with them through the whole case," said Delaney.

Renold says as often the one constant fixture in these children's lives, the volunteers play a vital role in the process of finding a safe and permanent home for each child.

"We strive for every child involved with the system to have a CASA volunteer and for each case to close in a safe and permanent home," said Renold

The next orientation session to become a CASA volunteer will take place on May 25 at the Voices for Children office in Bryan.