COLLEGE STATION, Texas - The world's first cloned cat was created in 2001 right here in a research lab at Texas A&M.

87 tries and 87 cloned embryos were transferred to the lab cats throughout two years. And finally one stuck, Copy Cat.

"It was pleasing at first, we were hoping it would work and we were determining if it would or not," Dr. Kraemer, the creater said.

CC was created from a Calico cat named Rainbow, but was born without one minor detail that is usually on a Calico cat.

"CC doesn't have any orange, shes a good Aggie cat that way," Dr. Kraemer said.

Nobody was sure if CC was going to be able to have any kittens but she proved everyone wrong when she had not one, not two but three kittens.

'She was a great mother," he said.

CC is now 15 and still lives right here in College Station with her three kittens and her "husband" as Dr. Kraemer calls it.