For one Gaithersburg couple, fate played a huge hand in their love story.

Corrine and Ron Diehl went to Millian Methodist Preschool in Rockville, Maryland in 1978.

More than 20 years later, not knowing they had gone to school together, they met at a Rockville putt-putt course on Corrine's 25th birthday. A year later, they were married.

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But it wasn't until Ron's mother pulled out a childhood photo album of her son, when Corrine realized she was in the picture too.

The couple says they don't remember each other in preschool, but believe fate brought them together. Corrine's family moved out of Aspen Hill after preschool, so the two did not continue on at school.

The Diehl's now have two children and have been married for almost two decades. Their love story still makes them smile every day.