COLLEGE STATION, Texas -- On Monday, Governor Greg Abbott sent a strong message Texas Lawmakers.

Who is for this? Who is against this? Who has not taken a position yet? No one gets to hide. No one gets to play neutral. Everyone has to be all in,” Gov. Greg Abbott said.

He publicly announced he would create a list of any Texas Lawmakers who oppose his conservative positions, including the controversial bathroom bill.

"That is typical behavior from politicians,” Judith Baer said, a professor of political science at Texas A&M University.

She's not surprised by Governor Abbott's decision to publicly list lawmakers who may oppose his agenda, but it's not without its risks.

"Since he plans to run again, I'm sure he's calculating that the benefits of the reelection of him doing that is going to outweigh the cost,” Baer said.

However, Judith says this tactic could bring a stalemate to the special session in Austin.

All eyes are at the capital as the special session continues for the coming days.