Hours after Donald Trump was announced the 45th president of the United States, several state leaders responded.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott congratulated Trump and said, "Here in Texas, we will continue to fight for conservative, limited government principles that create economic opportunity and prosperity for all.”

"One thing from this election is abundantly clear -- millions of Americans feel they have been ignored by a political class in Washington, D.C. that prioritizes protecting an elite establishment before We the People," Abbott said. "Now that the people have spoken, it is essential that elected officials work together to address the enormous challenges facing our nation."

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said "It is a new day in America."

"Texans will now have a good friend in the White House who will be our partner in securing the border," Patrick's statement read in part. "We’ll have a good friend in the White House who won't fight our energy industry and will put us on the road to energy independence. We have a good friend in the White House who will support school choice for every child, who will stand up for life, for liberty and the Second Amendment. "

Patrick also said that "for the first time since 2008, we won't have a White House that we have to constantly sue to protect the rights of Texans."

U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) mentioned terrorism, healthcare and the economy in his congratulatory statement to Trump.

“The threat posed by radical Islamic terrorism is real and growing, as Texans were reminded just this week," Cornyn's statement read in part. "Obamacare continues to implode as Texas families face higher costs and fewer choices for coverage. And nearly eight years of President Obama’s draconian regulatory regime has suffocated job creators and hamstrung an underperforming economy."

Former president George H. W. Bush also congratulated Trump: