New 'Garage' Innovation Center Opens on Texas A&M University Campus

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M University is known for its' innovation and research on a major scale. 

But, some of the best new inventions come from young entrepreneurs with limited resources.

It's one the reasons why Texas A&M and the Research Valley Partnership created "The Garage."

KAGS HD News took a trip to the facility and both sides showed us why the partnership is taking modern innovation to a whole new level.

“The Garage” is the first of its kind at Texas A&M University.

It’s a place where young minds and mature businesses can hash out ideas and put them to work. 

Chuck Martinez, Vice President of Innovation Development says the purpose of the facility is to support the Research Valley’s expanding innovation by providing a co-working space for emerging technology companies.

"Open innovation spaces, whether you find them in Cupertino, California or Boston – there is a nice element to having an open innovation space,” Martinez said.    

Andrew Maly, owner of Sicoustics is one of the first entrepreneurs to use "The Garage" and says being able to separate his home and work environment is priceless.

"A space to come and work is extremely important for a lot of entrepreneurs,” Maly added.    

It’s a space he didn't have before visiting “The Garage." 

"Being able to identify your home space separately from where you work is extremely important because it gives you something to stay at and work towards,” he said.

The Garage is a custom-designed 1,779 square foot open innovation and co-working space located at the Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies (TIPS).

Membership to the facility even comes with two “entrepreneurs in residence” able to provide feedback and coaching to young entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. 

"My work is more around helping those young startups, entrepreneurs, mature companies even to develop their  business plans, understand their markets better, help them find networks both for  customers and clients, but also for funding,” said Deborah Vollmer Dahlke, the Bioscience Entrepreneur in Residence.  

According to a press release sent by the Research Valley Partnership, “The Garage” provides an attractive, creative environment where emerging technology companies in the Research Valley, as well as those located outside the area can become connected to community-university technology commercialization stakeholders.

"It gives you an opportunity to partner with Texas A&M University, but also enhance the community of the Brazos Valley as well by trying to create more economic developments within the area,” Maly added.    

All economic developments that the university and the Research Valley hopes will expand innovation in the B-CS. 

"The Garage" has a private office, two test bays and an innovation lounge for brainstorming.    

In order to become a member, prices start at as little as $40 a month and can be as much as $550 a month depending on which space you choose to rent.

Anyone interested must currently have a licensed business.


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