Parents upset with Campus View Apartments living conditions


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COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Less than a week before school starts and some Texas A&M students don't have a suitable place to live.

Residents at Campus View apartments moved into what some are calling deplorable conditions today.  

“It’s crazy,” said Erika Statzel, whose 17-year-old sister planned to move into Campus View apartments today. “The mold—you can see that they have been trying to paint over it to cover it up, but it’s not livable, you’re not supposed to be able to live in this.”    

Molded walls, fire damaged ceilings, rodents, broken glass and exposed wires are just some of the issues that residents are calling a fire hazard.

"We come in, and as you can see, we have all kinds of stuff that they said this was a ready to go apartment,” said Jeannie Neal, whose daughter planned to move in Campus View today, but has since relinquished her lease. “There is a nick in the wire that exposes the copper wire.”

That's just the beginning of what some students are seeing as they move into campus view apartments.

"They went around with a big pump up sprayers with a bleach solution and were going around to all the apartments, that’s what most of the parents were up in the office complaining about,” Jeannie added. “They were talking about everyone’s apartments had black mold in it.”    

Some conditions are so bad that some parents say it’s not suitable or conducive for any human to live in.

“I wouldn’t even rent this to anyone because of the health hazard,” Erika says. “If they cleaned out the mold, which would be a job and that’s more than just painting over, which clearly they have been doing for a couple of years it looks like and completely gut it and make sure that all the bugs are filled, then maybe it would be $300, but $475 for this, absolutely not.”    

With less than a week before school starts, parents are struggling to find a better living situation.    

We reached out to Campus View apartments for an explanation of these conditions.   

We spoke to sales manager, Brando Vega for a statement.

He says he could not provide a statement nor could he tell us when the complex would be able to get back with us.   

He also mentioned that he would forward our request to the general manager.


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