SpaceX: Students create new form of transportation

By: Aleksandra Bush

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas- More than a thousand students are at Texas A&M this weekend to showcase their design of a new form of transportation. SpaceX is holding a competition to create the best Hyperloop Pod, a concept introduced back back in 2013 by the co-founder of Tesla Motors.

"It's basically like a train in a low pressure tube and it lets you go really fast," says Andrew Warren, a Texas A&M senior. 

So fast it can go from Los Angeles to San Francisco in about thirty five minutes. SpaceX is calling  the Hyperloop Pod the fifth form of transportation.

"We've have planes, we have trains, we have cars, we have boats and that's a real small number four so the opportunity to work on a fifth form of transport is a really rare and special thing," says Steve Davis, from SpaceX. 

More than 100 teams are competing to create the pod.
"Spacex has basically been able to harness the brain trust of the entire world by having all these international kids from all over the world and actually all of us has a part of the solution," says Ryan Coelho, a Texas A&M senior. 

There are more than 1,000 students here from 20 different countries.

"We travel from Spain because I think we have a good opportunity to show how Spanish engineers work," says Luis Gonzalez, a leader of the team from Spain. 
"The purpose of this competition is to stimulate bright young minds like yours to be the innovators of the future," says Dr. Greg Chamitoff, a former astronaut. 

The winners of the pod competition get to have their pods created and raced this summer at the SpaceX headquarters in California.

Anyone at home interested in learning more about the transportation concept can stop by the competition. It is open to the public tomorrow afternoon from 1:30pm to 5pm. 


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