COLLEGE STATION, Texas — One local woman has pioneered her way into strengthening the financial literacy of residents in the Brazos Valley while uplifting women in the business industry.

Debbie Holladay is the CEO of Holladay & Associates, Inc. and the Vice President of the American Businesswomen's Association (ABWA) Bryan-College Station chapter, and has experienced her fair share of ups and downs in the business world.

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“Eight years ago we made a leap of faith and opened our business and so from there it has been an uphill journey that has been wonderful," said Holladay. "There's been a lot of learning curves but there has also been a lot of other supportive women in the area that have helped my journey along.”

As a heavily-involved member of the ABWA BCS chapter, Holladay has seen firsthand how having resources for women changes their ability to make an impact. 

“It's women helping women to succeed. The mission of the ABWA is to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations, to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and help others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking, support and national recognition," explained Holladay. "And that mission statement is over 75 years old and it hasn’t changed and its still about the passion.” Holladay explained. 

As gender norms evolve, Holladay wants women to continue to focus on their ambitions.  

"We’re not competing with the woman next to you we are working side by side each of us to make our community better, ourselves better and to provide for our families," said Holladay. "Its not about the gentleman that has the good-paying job now we’re seeing women that are out waging their gentlemen friends now but the part is we want each woman to be the best woman she can be in whichever category she decides to be and that’s what's important.”

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