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Casey Anthony breaks silence in new Peacock docuseries

Anthony was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008. She was acquitted of first-degree murder.
Credit: Peacock
Casey Anthony breaks her silence in first on-camera interview in Peacock series "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies."

TEMPLE, Texas — Casey Anthony, the Florida mom acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter in 2008, is breaking her silence and will tell all in an upcoming Peacock series, "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies."

On Tuesday, Peacock released an official trailer for the three-part limited series, which is set to air Nov. 29. 

In it, you see Anthony -- once dubbed the most hated mom in America -- staring at the camera, but you don't hear from her. Instead, you hear the interviewer asking the question many folks have had since her trial in 2011: "Why talk to me now."

The series is said to be Anthony's first on-camera interview since her high-profile trial that captivated Americans everywhere. However, she first broke her silence five years ago during a series of interviews with the Associated Press.

"[Her trial] polarized conversation in living rooms across America, the Casey Anthony case is one that still leaves more questions than answers," the trailer's description reads.

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Anthony was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, in 2008.

Caylee was last seen on June 16 that year. Her grandmother then reported her missing about a month later on July 15. The next day, Anthony was arrested on charges of child neglect after she reportedly told investigators her daughter vanished with a baby sitter.

Six months later, Caylee's remains were found in a wooded area less than a mile from her family's home in Orlando.

During the trial, prosecutors alleged Anthony drugged her daughter with chloroform and duct-taped her mouth. Experts even testified air samples showed decaying human remains in Anthony's trunk.

Her defense team, however, argued she didn't report her daughter missing because she accidentally drowned in the pool and Anthony feared being accused of killing her intentionally.

By the end, Anthony was acquitted on first-degree murder, but was convicted of lying to police. She served a three-year prison sentence.

The trailer's description goes on to say that, despite movies and documentaries made on the case, the woman at the center of it all still remains the biggest mystery.

The series will explore Anthony's "personal archives" and "behind the scenes" footage, according to a news release.

“Since her acquittal in 2011, public opinion of Casey Anthony has been largely shaped by the media convinced of her guilt,” Alexandra Dean, the showrunner and director said in a statement. “Casey had never given an in-depth or on-camera interview explaining her actions until now, and as a filmmaker and journalist, my interest was in getting closer to the unbiased truth by hearing all sides of the story — from opposing voices to Casey herself." 

Dean continues to say that Anthony had no creative control on the series; that it was filmed over the course of six months and explores "a startling psychological portrait" of Anthony.

The series is set to air on Peacock on Nov. 29.

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