BRYAN, Texas —

Olive Garden’s Never Ending Pasta Passes went on sale Thursday, but they weren’t available very long. Carb-lovers across the country claimed all 24,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes, including 50 Lifetime Pasta Passes, within a single second.

Of the 49 states where Olive Garden operates, Texas managed to snag the third most Pasta Passes. Three Texans even managed to get a lifetime of unlimited pasta.

Olive Garden Pasta Passes Map
Olive Garden

The Never Ending Pasta Pass, which costs $100, offers die-hard Olive Garden fans unlimited pasta, salad, soup and breadsticks off the Never Ending Pasta Bowl menu for a nine week period beginning Sept. 23.

This year, Olive Garden introduced the $500 Lifetime Pasta Pass, which offers 50 passholders unlimited pasta their entire lives. 

Olive Garden has more than 850 locations.