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Need a change to your Zoom meeting? No need to 'Alpaca' your bags for this La Grange experience

Texas Party animals had a few cancellations this month, but Loretta Hajovsky's alpacas are still making people smile over the internet.

LA GRANGE, Texas — Loretta Hajovsky started Texas Party Animals a couple years ago. 

The business started out as a hobby but is now a full time job with her alpacas show up at weddings, surprise birthday parties and even commercials.

It’s been a fun ride for Loretta, Waylon, Willie and friends, spreading joy all over Texas, but things have changed recently.

“I actually had 13 cancellations for April it was actually my busiest month with south by southwest in Austin... but we’re finding ways to occupy our time," Hajovsky said. 

Now, Loretta's herding her friends to where people are these days, Zoom meetings. 

“A friend had seen an article she says, 'Loretta you must do this, and I thought I can do this! This would be so much fun," she said.

So for $50, you can have Waylon or any of his friends chime in on the latest spreadsheets or strategies for your company. 

Loretta has loved it so far and said, “it’s quite comical when they turn on their screen when there’s an alpaca looking at them and talking to them. It breaks up a very dull meeting.” 

She also plans on reading some alpaca themed books with her animals for the kiddos on her YouTube channel

To some, Loretta's changes to Texas Party animals may seem like a small gesture, but hey, these days some of us could use a pick me up. 

She said in doing all of this, “It just brings a little happiness and breaks up the monotony.”


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