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How much would you spend on these nice melons?

These muskmelons are treated as if they were pieces of art. The melons are massaged with soft cloths and farmers play classical music throughout the greenhouse.
Credit: NBC News
This Japanese muskmelon is considered one of the most expensive in the world. Farmers with Mono Premium Melon said it has taken them 10 years to perfect its melons.

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia — You could say these are some nice melons. Not only do they get massages and treated to hours of classical music, farmers consider these Japanese muskmelons to be works of art.

It's taken 10 years for three Malaysian farmers to perfect what is being considered one of the world's most expensive fruits. The farmers at Mono Premium Melon said it has taken a lot of effort to get the right combination of nutrients and they believe their muskmelons are finally ready to go to the market.

The farmers said the outside appearance of the muskmelon is treated as if it were it's own piece of art. Watering the muskmelons and giving it a consistent amount of fertilizer has helped bring out a consistent netting on the outer melon.

The farmers also instruct their workers to use soft cloth gloves to massage the outer melon frequently. They believe by doing this, it enhances the flavor of the muskmelon, making it more enjoyable to eat. The melons are also suspended in the air, so they keep their shape.

The farmers also said playing classical music for the plants is key. They have a sound system set up in their greenhouse. They believe the music helps stimulate growth in the muskmelons.

At this time, each melon costs about $41 each. This is about a third of the price that muskmelons imported from Japan usually sell for. If you think that's outrageous, think again. The company says their first batch sold out online in less than a day.