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Bryan woman honors late husband by sending his remains to space

Mrs. Malu Satyro launched her husband's cremated remains into space to honor his love for science and aeronautics.

BRYAN, Texas — Burying a loved one is never easy, some describe the feeling as a piece that is now missing in their life, but what if you could bury them in space?  

A  Bryan woman named Malu Satyro is honoring her husband's burying request by sending his remains to space. Mrs.Satyro's husband, Dr. Marco had a fervent love for life, science, and all things space.  Dr. Marco Satyro's burial request was to be surrounded by science.  

Dr. Marco had a deep love for science, building model planes, and was a science fiction fanatic. While Mrs. Satyro said it feels like a piece of her is gone, she's happy to honor her husband this way.

For years, Malu has been making plans to send her husband, Dr. Marco , cremated ashes to space. Satyro is making plans to send off her husband's ashes from Cape Canaveral, Fl. 

Even though, Marco passed away in 2016, the process of making her husband's burial arrangements still hasn't been easy.  Yet, she feels happy about deciding to honor him this way.

 “I feel sad we’re not together, for me sending his ashes to space, fulfills a dream, a dream of his. He loved to fly, he loved everything about aeronautics and space,"  said Mrs.Satyro

One time, a driver ran a red light while walking after both crossing the street. Mrs. Satyro stated, that her husband risked his life to save hers. She described her late husband as her soulmate. She described him as a brilliant person who was loved by many.  "He was very romantic, he was my best friend ever, Unfortunately, the world lost a great mind,"Satyro said 

A Houston-based company called Celestis Incorporated, which specializes in launching cremated human remains into space held the momentous ceremony.  

 "It gives me comfort to be able to look up and imagine that he’s up there." "I feel very happy to bring his name and to bring his name and bring attention to the man he was for me, to the husband he was, to the father he was for my kids, and to the professional, Mrs. Satyro said. 

Dr. Satyro's favorite universe was star wars, and Satyro stated that now he can truly be with them.

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