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Comfort in the chaos: Aggie family makes medical masks for those in need

“We cried over them. We sent so much love into them, we prayed over them. We just, everything has gone into these."

BRYAN, Texas — With new information coming every day, it's easy to focus on the bad news.

There's a lot of it, but there's also a lot of folks pitching in to help those on the front lines, like a wonderful Aggie family living in south Texas coast.

“The whole idea was comfort in all the chaos,” said Linda Alviar, “it’s just providing an ounce of comfort to our healthcare providers.”

Linda and her daughter Ashley are part of an Aggie family in Corpus Christi who first heard about making medical masks to protect from coronavirus through a friend.

“She found these masks and she thought it’d be a good idea to make one for me because I have lupus and asthma, you know, getting the coronavirus could potentially be fatal for somebody like me,” Ashley said.

Ashley and Linda make embroidery as a side business, and with all their extra fabric, it didn’t take long for them to see the need for others to be protected too. 

“It started off with, we have a family member who’s a nurse practitioner, so we offered her some, and we have other family members in the medical, and then we thought, why not just list them on Facebook in the Aggie group and see if people are interested... because there’s more people that are healthcare providers.”

“So this actually starts with the outside fabric and this back fabric facing together and we sew the top and bottom of it.”

Since starting about a week ago, the family has distributed 200 masks off in the mail to those on the front lines all over the state, sending love and support, 9 by 6 inches at a time.

“We cried over them. We sent so much love into them, we prayed over them. We just, everything has gone into these, and we want our medical professionals to know and everybody on the front lines to know we are thinking about you and we appreciate you and thank you,” said Ashley.

UPDATE: We started out wanting to make and donate a couple of mask with licensed college, NFL and random prints in hope to uplift essential workers during this Covid 19 pandemic as they are working...


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