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Caldwell non-profit is doing their best to help every four legged friend

Haven Animal Rescue of Texas needs your help in getting the pet population in Burleson County under control.

CALDWELL, Texas — Natasha Dupuis, Tracy Kellar, and Haven Animal Rescue of Texas (H.A.R.T) became an organized non-profit in October but they say they need help.

"Everyone is overcrowded, everyone is overcrowded," Kellar said. "There is no animal shelter. There are a few small rescues like us here in Burleson County,  but there's no government-run [agency] ." 

They have been able to adopt out three to six dogs a week all across the country, but they get at least that many coming in each week.

"Most of our dogs are strays, people find them loose, running, dumped you name it," Kellar said "This county is awful for it."

H.A.R.T currently has 80 dogs and a handful of cats, which is over capacity for their current facility. They said pet owners are not leashing their dogs, micro-chipping them, or getting them fixed, which is causing the K-9 population in Burleson County to swell. 

"A big need for education and I think that's where it starts," Kellar said. "If we educate these people on spaying and neutering we won't have the overpopulation and people won't feel the need that they have to dump a litter of puppies when they can get their dog spayed before it ever gets pregnant." 

Even though it's an uphill battle, Dupuis and Kellar said it's something inside of them that keeps them looking after these animals the best they can.

"It's just in our hearts to do it. Somebody has got to do it, you know if we don't, then who will?" Dupuis said. "We just do what we can and without getting overloaded ourselves."

Since they are a non-profit they don't make any money from the work they are doing. If you'd like to donate to H.A.R.T you can do so through PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Their ultimate goal is to build a barn they can use to better protect and tend to the animals.

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