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Hearne Animal Center needs your help! Adoption event set for April 16

The animal shelter is at full capacity, forcing staff to make the decision to euthanize those that have been there the longest.

HEARNE, Texas — During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people sought comfort with cute and cuddly four-legged friends. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals reported that an estimate of 23 million Americans got a pet at the height of the pandemic.  

Now, with pandemic protocols and procedures on a decline, people are getting back to work and finding that companion to much to take care of. Public Works Director, Bill Duckworth said people weren't able to maintain and look after their pets, and that's forcing them back into animal shelters.

"They're out of their homes, they're not on lockdown anymore they're going back to work and found that they can't keep up with their pets," Duckworth said. 

At the Hearne Animal Center, they're now at full capacity because of the lack of maintenance, looking for homes for these pets. Unfortunately, pets are going to face a sad reality if no home is found for them.

"We are just unable to find enough fosters for all of them and the unfortunate reality of it is if we're unable to find a foster in time we do have to euthanize these dogs," he said. 

It's a decision staff doesn't want to make but they have no choice but to put the dogs down. Duckworth said there's no deadline for people to come and adopt a pet. They are trying to hold out as long as they can before having to face this harsh reality.

On Saturday, April 16, Urgent Animals of Hearne Robertson County Texas is hosting an adoption event. Please, consider opening your home to these furry friends who are looking for a good home.

If you would like to adopt a dog visit their Facebook: Urgent Animals of Hearne Robertson County Texas.

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