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A local animal center is having issues balancing energy and taking in pets

Ashley Rodriguez, Supervisor of Bryan Animal Center, said that they've seen at least five to six animals come through their doors in the last several weeks.

BRYAN, Texas — The Bryan Animal Center is having issues balancing its energy consumption while an overflow of pets is coming into its center.

The summer heat has made it difficult for the facility to keep energy use down.

According to Ashley Rodriguez, a supervisor at the Bryan Animal Center, the facility has seen an increase in animals entering the facility.

“Animals have been coming in through the front door and animal control, so we’re doing our part to try to get animals out via adoption or trying to reach pets with their owners,” said Rodriguez.

Bryan Animal Center also began conserving energy, Rodriguez said. ERCOT earlier this week issued an energy conservation appeal asking Texans to limit their energy use. 

In order to conserve energy, Rodriguez said they've turned off the lights in their main kennel area, but have kept the fans on.

“Right now, when it gets very hot, we turn off all the lights, you know trying to make sure we conserve energy, as well as make sure our dogs have fresh water,” said Rodriguez.

The Bryan Animal Center and other organizations around Texas have been asked to limit their energy consumption

The company has continued to provide water, food, and treats designed to keep pets cool in cities like Bryan, Rodriquez said.

Rodriquez advises that pet owners protect their pets by keeping them in a shaded area if they want to take them outside.

She also recommends that they provide their pets with a bowl of water so that they can stay hydrated.  

Rodriguez said that their facility is just one of many in Texas that have faced issues with reaching full capacities in recent months and have encouraged anyone who is considering, adopting a pet.

“Please stop by any shelter, whether it’s ours or any others throughout the state, please adopt,” said Rodriguez.

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