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Brazos Valley businesses react as Texas House approves permanent sales of to-go alcohol

If Gov. Abbott signs off on House Bill 1024, the take out experience will be changed permanently.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — Texas moves one step closer to legalizing to-go alcoholic drinks as the state House of Representatives approved House Bill which would allow wine, beer and mixed drinks to be included in take-out orders from restaurants. Now, the measure goes to the Senate. 

At the beginning of the pandemic, some restaurants put to-go drinks on their menus so you wouldn't miss out on your fully dining experience. If Gov. Abbott signs off on House Bill 1024, the take out experience will be changed permanently.

“I think it’s one step closer to a little bit more relaxed TBC rules. Texas has always been very tight on our alcohol consumption rule," Urban Table own Chef Tai Lee said. "But I think people have spoken the word that they do want this service, they do want this change on it, and I think the lawmakers are listening to it and reflecting [it] onto their law."

Even as businesses slowly open back up to full capacity, local restaurants said the to-go sales are here to stay. 

"I think it’s a neat idea to continue going because the [it's] the same thing. [It]’s the new normal for a lot of people so dates at home are a big thing, so might as well have cocktails and your favorite restaurant at the same time," said Caffe Capri owner Rami Ceroni. 

If this bill passes, you can make one less stop on your way home for the night. 

“I think it’s just going to be adding more to the restaurants so instead of having to go to the grocery store or liquor store to buy your beer and wine, now you can just pick it up at the restaurant, so it just makes life more convenient for consumers,” said Ceroni.

Yet with more freedom also comes with greater responsibility. 

“We still need to worry about the individual responsibility and accountability because we don’t want anything to get out of hand, and we don’t want to turn into a Las Vegas,” said Chef Lee. 

Not all restaurants in Brazos Valley have to-go drink options but if the new measure passes, there may be an financial opening that would be hard to miss.