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Brazos Valley community leaders give advice on how to be an ally to BLM, protests

“Change starts with you and where you are."

BRYAN, Texas — Through all the protests over the past few days, there have been people wondering how they can help. 

Community leaders say, for those that want to, there are still ways to help and be an ally to the Black Lives Matter movement and protests against injustices.

“A lot of people are hurting. There’s a lot of trauma. A lot of triggers. It’s not right,” said Christal-Joy Turner, M.Ed., a Higher Education Professional, Motivational Speaker and Founder of The Bridge By H.O.P.E Foundation, Inc. 

By now, we know thousands are outraged over George Floyd's death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. 

With protests all over the country and even here in the Brazos Valley. 

There are some who are unable to protest due to concerns with COVID-19 or not having transportation, but there are still ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement and be an ally. 

“Change starts with you and where you are. So you can make more of a difference in your community getting active with your local NAACP... call your local representatives and senators and seeing what they’re doing about things like this so it doesn’t happen again,” Turner.  

She also says attending city hall meetings that have recently gone virtual is also an easy way to get involved. 

Turner said, “You can also donate funds. Bail funds for those that are on the front lines who may get arrested…non profits that support causes like these.”

Showing that support from a distance can also bring some piece of mind for people afraid to protest because of the possible danger involved.

“The looting was not necessary to get your point across and violence is never the answer,” Mattie Carter, the President of the North Bryan Community Center said, “if they would just get involved with a lot of the non-profit organizations around town, we can prevent things like that from happening in our city, but it’s gonna take all of us.” 

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