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During Historic Preservation Month, the City of Bryan wants residents to preserve their stories in the city's history

The city of Bryan's historical preservation plan is asking residents to share their stories and experiences to be added into reflect the city's memorable locations.

BRYAN, Texas — May is National Preservation Month, also known as Historic Preservation Month, and the City of Bryan is looking to use the month to enrich the city's history by gathering memorable stories of things and events that have happened in Bryan.

“May is Historic Preservation Month and historic preservation boils down to preserving our past for our future and the historic preservation plan with that said is a set of goals and strategies where we help formulate a path to being able to do that,” explained City of Bryan's Senior Planner, Allison Kay.

The goal of this plan is to combine the old with the new and protect the cultural fabric of the city. 

“A lot of this preservation plan focuses not on the tangibles like structures or buildings like most historic preservation plans do," explained Kay. "This one looks to focus on the intangible, like your stories, and your culture. That is what makes Bryan unique.”

Now, the city is calling on residents to contribute to a long timeline of memories. 

“While structures are important for historic preservation, there's no doubt about that it’s the stories that make the structure I think because you may have a story where your grandfather took you to the Queen Theater back in the day but did you remember the smell of the popcorn, did you remember the movie that you went to. Those things are what make historic preservation and history in general that much better,” illustrated Kay. 

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