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Crunching The Cost; Is eating healthy expensive?

Two local health enthusiasts explain how eating healthy will save you more money than eating out.

BRYAN, Texas — Keto, vegan, plant-based, you've heard about all of these diets. Many have tried to maintain their diets but wind up failing because they claim that eating healthy comes at a high cost. 

Leaving people to wonder, is eating healthy expensive?

Health enthusiasts, Debra and Daniel Lee debunked that myth by explaining how meal prepping will save you those coins. 

Debra said the misconception of pricey healthy eating comes from diets like keto or vegan, and or plant-based.

“Say you eat out every day spending $20 per person, in a month that’s over $1000 so you’re saving at least $700 just by prepping your meals at home,” Lee said. "Those specific diets you have to buy specific items so those items might be more expensive than you normally buy."

In one week Debra and Daniel spend about $60- $80 including all their meals throughout the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner which lasts the two of them the entire month.

However, there is one particular part of the store where you can find those healthy items the Lee's are recommending, the produce section. Using fruits and vegetables in your meals is key to maintaining that healthy lifestyle. 

This means also cutting back on sodium, lowering your carb count, and staying away from pasta or that Debbie cake you think you just can't live without.

Portioning out your meals is also vital the Lee's said because you are watching what you consume. In addition, seasoning does matter. You can kill a healthy meal by using too much seasoning, instead, they recommend cooking and seasoning with natural herbs.

"Like onions, garlic, you know the herbs like oregano, basil, parsley, all of that."

Creating a list will jumpstart your healthy eating plan. If you don't know where to start, Lee's business, Lee's Incredible Healthy Eatz shops, meal preps for people. To find out how to solicit her help in your healthy eating journey, find her on Instagram at a_lushlifestyle.

So to answer your question if you should go out to eat or try following that long-standing "New Years' resolution" to eat healthier, the answer is simple.

"It's a little less actually eating healthy than eating bad."

One way to break your food budget is by spending more money eating out every day of the week. Keep that in mind while considering picking up that fast food before you get home.

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