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How much popcorn did he eat? Joey Chestnut sets new world record at Victory Field

The world champion competitive eater took down Matt Stonie's record for the most popcorn eaten in eight minutes.

INDIANAPOLIS — The world's greatest eater did it again.

Joey Chestnut, who now lives in Westfield, ate 32 24-ounce servings of popcorn in eight minutes at Victory Field Tuesday night, smashing the previous world record.

Standing behind a table in front of home plate, Chestnut chowed through 16 boxes of popcorn before time ran out, breaking Matt Stonie's record of 28 1/2 servings set last year in Las Vegas. 

“I’m ready to claim the world champion popcorn-eating challenge at the best minor league ballpark in America at Victory Field, surrounded by Hoosiers, doing what I love," Chestnut said in a release from the Indians last week.

Stonie set the current world popcorn record in April 2021 at the DraftKings Red Carpet Film Feast in Las Vegas. Chestnut ate 23 1/2 24-ounce servings of popcorn in that competition.

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Fans at the game received bottles of Chestnut's Creamy Green Hatch and Jalapeno Wing and Dipping Sauce as they leave the stadium. 

Chestnut, holds 50 world records for competitive eating, including claiming the Holy Grail of hot dogs - the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest - a record 15 times, with a record 76 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes last year. 

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