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Local non-profit calls out to the community for help

HopeWell Classical Day School in Bryan is still working to reverse the severe damage Winter Storm Uri caused.

BRYAN, Texas — HopeWell Classical Day School is a non-profit program that supports parents, children, and young adults with unique, and exceptional gifts, and needs in the areas of Education, Home, Community & Career.

The school provides education, independent living services, and onsite housing for young adults with special needs, and unique abilities.

Selah Heard, the founding director of the school, and her two kids lived inside the house.

On March 16th, Heard and her kids heard rushing water coming from the 15-year-old daughter’s room.

 A major pipe had busted.

Heard described the water rushing down to a waterfall that you can’t escape from.

After they had to shut off their water, their electricity and heat went out, Heard and her kids had to stay with her in-laws for two weeks.

“I didn’t realize the trauma behind what had happened until maybe after 6 or 7 days later when a friend said we didn’t even know you were living in your home anymore,” Heard said.

Heard had to make the painful decision to send her kids to live with their dad, her ex-husband that doesn’t live in Texas.

“Because of the emotional trauma and stress, my kids, that I love very much, had to go live with their dad. It was just so overwhelming for them that I knew they needed a space to kind of getaway until we can get it all fixed,” Heard said.

As clean-up and restoration continue, Heard and long-time friend Esther Goin are urging their community to come together and help out in any way they can.

Going wrote on the GoFundMe page that the insurance adjuster made it clear that what was originally thought to be a clean-up of the bedroom and bathroom, turned out to be a complete removal and refurbishment of that side of the schoolhouse.

The repairs that are needed are as followed:

  • Removal of and replacement of damaged attic and outer wall insulation.
  • Placing new walls in Jack and Jill bathroom and bedroom, including ceilings.
  • Replacing finished wood floors.
  • Replacing Jack and Jill Bathroom, and main bathroom including showers, sinks, faucets, lighting, and flooring.
  • Replacing kitchen cabinets surrounding the sink and dishwasher.
  • Sprinkler system, and outdoor faucets.
  • Replacing damaged pipes and water heater.
  • Repair damaged brickwork on back porch due to exploding outdoor faucet.
  • Replacing damaged window screens due to ice.

 Here is the link to donate to the school: https://gofund.me/527fe59e