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Women's History Month: Inspiring young girls to drive their own destiny

Keeta Garrett runs an auto body shop with her husband. This is her story about how she's adapted over the years to become the brains behind the shop's operations.

BRYAN, Texas — Normally cars and the world of automobiles is described as a 'man's thing', but one woman has taken charge as a woman boss and inspire young girls.

As National Women's Month comes to a close, women have shared with KAGS their paths to entrepreneurship, their ways on challenging gender norms, breaking barriers in male-dominated industries, and now inspiring young women of the future.

Keeta Garrett and her husband Silas both grew up learning how to be an entrepreneur with both of their parents showing them the ropes of owning businesses when they were growing up.

While the automobile industry grew on her over time, she did know more about cars than most women.

"I didn't choose cars it kind of chose me." said Garrett. "We brought George's, it was an existing business, we bought it in 2006. At that time there were very few women in the industry."

Her husband co-owns George's Paint and Body shop and was her support system on her journey, but that didn't mean the challenges of men disliking taking orders from female authoritative figures didn't exist in the workplace. 

However, Garrett said she just had to be persistent, showing respect even when it wasn't always shown to her.

"The men you know they didn't really love having a woman telling them what to do or anything like that but they came to respect me," said Garrett.

While her husband is the muscle, she became the brains of the operation, running the books but also knowing the ins and out of cars herself. She now raises her daughter who manages George's and her son, who runs the auto glass shop they own next door.

Garrett has also taught both of them that they can do anything they set their mind to.

"I think that's the misconception that we can't know that much. And we like to prove them wrong," said Garrett. "I think just women need to have a mindset that whatever they wanna do they can do it."

It takes changing their mindset to just educate themselves on whatever it is they want to do and own it. As she and her husband grow the business to change an industry that she grew to love.

"Through my husband, I've come to love it," she said.

Both shops are open Monday through Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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