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A health and wellness coach explains why women's health equates to wealth

Sarah Francis Martin, a health & wellness coach, shared how her holistic approach and skills to life will lead women down a path of health wealth.

BRYAN, Texas — As National Women's Month comes to a close, a health and wellness coach is sharing tips about the importance of women's health. 

Sarah Francis Martin established her roots in the Bryan-College Station area a few years ago when first conducting research on women's health and wellness. She is a health and wellness coach as well as a certified coach at FASTer Way to fat loss.

The list of medical complications that women may encounter is a long one, ranging from PCOS, to endometriosis, to uterine fibroids, to infertility issues and more. That's why one Martin dedicated her time to teaching women holistic ways to heal themselves.

"The best advice that I give women is to offer solutions whether you shop groceries at Walmart, HEB, it's just whole food nutrition," said Martin. "I developed a love for wellness & fitness and connecting with women to help you get fit for the call that god has on your life," said Martin.

The FASTer Way to fat loss program offers nutrition plans, protein packets, fitness apparel and more.

Martin is also an author who writes self-help books for women, to navigate life by using holistic lifestyle skills to lose weight. She shared how many women get caught up in 'diet culture' believing they have to eat less to lose more, when she says it's actually the opposite.

"I encourage my clients, please eat more, and I offer strategies on how to eat well and eat the most of food for your body," she explained.

Martin believes food is fuel and movement is medicine which is what she combines in her program and talks about in her books. She has also said she has suffered from eating disorders since she was 15, and hopes to inspiring and ministers women to create a balance for themselves. 

"Balance is what's sustainable," she said.

Her passion for guiding women into what she describes a vibrant life is in the presence of Jesus. For more information on FASTer Way to fat loss, click here.

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