NORFOLK, Va. — If you have a pet, then you know these events are a big deal.

Time flies when you’re having fun with your best friend. It seems like just yesterday we brought Bentley home as a cute little ball of fluff. He has grown into the best good boy in town!

He’s been by my side for six years now and has come with me almost everywhere I go, including work. He’s settled right in as a member of our Daybreak team in the last year or so.

Dogs bring so much joy and happiness into our lives and when it came time to celebrate his birthday what do you think we did? Throw him a birthday Pawty!

We invited some friends: Kristina’s pup Nala and Ashley’s pup Dora stopped by to wish Bentley a happy birthday. We threw on some party hats and ate some puppy ice cream. Yeah, they’re dogs and they probably didn’t know what was going on but one thing I guarantee you they knew, that they are loved.

And that’s why we do these things for our dogs, we love them with all our hearts.