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College Station dog nominated for Most Unusual Pet Insurance Claims of the Year award

Nationwide Insurance nominates College Station dog for the Hambone Award.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Grayson Haze, a lucky lab from College Station, has been nominated for Nationwide's Hambone Award. Nationwide Insurance's Hambone Award recognizes the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year. The award contest runs through Friday, September 22, 2023. September also happens to be National Pet Insurance Month. 

How did Grayson get nominated for such an award? Well, he was out on a normal walk with his owners Mark and Annie when they walked over a bridge. Grayson's owner Mark says he remembers,

“We walked to the middle of the bridge … and he jumped on the side, looked and jumped off.”

Out of nowhere the silver lab just decided to jump off a 36-foot-tall bridge, landing on the solid concrete below. His owners ran down to find Grayson unconscious and seriously injured. They drove Grayson to the Texas A&M Veterinary School where they were told he wouldn't need any surgery.  

“We were so fortunate,” Grayson's owner Annie said. 

Nationwide's Hambone Award was originally named after a Nationwide-insured dog who ate an entire Thanksgiving ham and licked the bone clean. All while stuck in a refrigerator waiting to be found.

Some of the other nominees this year include Belle, a Jindo from Georgia. Belle got into a tussle with a deer that wandered into her family’s backyard. Giles, a kitty from New York City that got smooshed inside a folding sofa, and Rolex, a green-cheeked conure bird from Massachusetts who perched himself atop an open door that inevitably got shut on him. 

No need to worry, all nominated pets made full recoveries and received reimbursements for eligible veterinary expenses from Nationwide Pet Insurance. 

You can vote for Grayson and help him and his owners win the coveted Hambone Award trophy. Winners will also get a gift card and a donation in their name to an approved pet charity of their choice. The second and third-place winners will also receive a prize and the opportunity for a charity donation. 

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