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Pets get cold too! Local animal shelter gives tips on how to keep them warm and healthy during the cold season

Pets can get sick just like humans do. As we leave summer behind us, it’s important to make adjustments for our pets.

BRYAN, Texas — If you’ve stepped outside recently, it’s hard not to notice the drop in temperature or the chilly winds. With the colder seasons upon us, we want to stay warm and so do our pets. 

Pets can get sick just like humans do. As we leave summer behind us, it’s important to make adjustments for our pets.

“The first thing is if you do have an outdoor pet, go ahead and bring that pet indoors. I understand sometimes that is not realistic, but especially during these colder nights dipping into the fifties and forties, our Texas pets may not be used to that just like we are, so bringing those pets indoors is our best option," said Aggieland Humane Society's communication coordinator Darby McKenzie.

If you are unable to do that, make sure they have a dry warm place to stay overnight.  

“That means a nice covered area. We always see the igloos, those are good and you want to make sure they have hay inside. People always want to put towels, but towels can get wet and those get cold and they won’t do as well all night long, so hay is a much better option," said McKenzie.

Aggieland Humane Society also recommends you complete your hood checks as it gets cooler outside.  

“Tap on your car hood before you start your car in the morning. It’s very warm up in your engine area so cats and kittens and wildlife like to go in there and find their warmth," said McKenzie. 

If your pets are staying outdoors, make sure they always have running water to drink.  

“We’re not quite to that freezing point yet, but the closer we do get to that, you want to make sure that water is constantly flowing through the day, so there’s no potential for them to lose that source," said McKenzie. 

Although staying out in the cold may be uncomfortable, the shelter encourages you to maintain the same exercise routine for your companions.  

“Don’t let your pet get lazy. A lot of times as the colder weather does come you might say oh, we’re just going to run outside really quickly and not take our whole morning walk. We want to encourage you throughout the winter, whatever that may actually look like here for us in Texas, to continue to watch your pets, just as you normally would as much as you can, so that they don’t get lazy," said McKenzie. 

Aggieland Humane Society also expects more animals to get lost during the cold season, so it encourages you to always keep an eye out on its lost and found page if your pet goes missing. The shelter advises you to reach out to your vet for better accommodations for your pet to the cold season.