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Rudder's "High School Musical" will be soarin' and flyin' on stage this weekend

The high school musical is based on + the Disney Channel hit, "High School Musical"

BRYAN, Texas — Rudder High School will be putting on a production of “High School Musical” this Thursday and Saturday.

On Wednesday, the cast put together preview showings for other students within the district in the school’s auditorium. KAGS News spoke with several of the cast members who say they’re excited to show the public all their hard work.

Landon Peterson says he’s new to Theatre and didn’t know what to expect whenever he auditioned for the show. He says he joined because he needed something to do besides playing video games. Now, he’ll be playing the role of Jack Scott, who’s in charge of East High’s school announcements.

“I decided I wanted to do a play because my parents did it and they had a lot of fun. So I gave it a shot and I don’t regret it,” says Peterson.

While the high school junior is still new to this extra-curricular activity, other students have a lot of history being involved in Theatre. Alyssa Allen, playing Sharpay in “High School Musical”, says this is her third time participating in this musical but has never played this role before.

Allen adds that she is hoping audiences walk away taking in the message behind the music.

“Even though you have obstacles, you can still get around them even though you do have fears that you can kind of step out of your shell a little bit,” says Allen.

If you would like to purchase tickets to the event, we have the link here.