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Support Local: Brazos Valley Soaps hopes to fill community need

“The way I was raised, you try and give back to your community... and I’m just trying to take that way I was raised and apply it to my community."

BRYAN, Texas — Now more than ever, It's important to support local businesses whenever you can. Here in the Brazos Valley, there's a local business owner hoping to instill that idea and provide for her community.

“The way I was raised, you try and give back to your community...and I’m just trying to take that way I was raised and apply it to my community," said Rachel McDermott, owner of Brazos Valley Soaps.

She started her business in July of 2016 as a college student, and after some research and convincing from her then boyfriend and now husband, she fell in love with it.

Almost four years later, thanks to what started as word of mouth through family and friends has grown into a full on business, with Rachel coming up with and shipping new products every day.

After noticing the need that’s come up in the past few weeks, she’s got a new product in stock useful now more than ever.

“Everyone wants hand sanitizer. With everything going on with everything going on, I knew there was a huge shortage of hand sanitzer, and through my business, I'm allowed to buy certain things through certain suppliers,” she said.

So she’s making her own, up to the CDC’s standards, and giving not only a fresh scent, but a fresh stock for those who need it.

Are you thinking "They probably don't have a soap I'd like"? Well, w... e have it all! Masculine, feminine, earthy, sweet, citrus, floral, musky, comforting - you name it, we've got it! We have over 40 different scents of soap in our main product line!

“There's a lot of people suffering. People like truckers, the person that delivers your new fridge when it goes out. They need hand sanitizer because they’re interacting with people but they cant actually go into your bathroom and wash your hands that’s not allowed,” she said.

Rachel knows there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, but she hopes her products can bring more awareness to local businesses able to fill the gaps, and encourage others to do their part to help however they can.

“To be able to give back to those individuals who really are doing more than almost everyone in our society right now is really a special thing,” said Rachel.

She is sold out of hand sanitizer right now but she’s getting some more in about two weeks. 

Until then, she still has plenty of soap for your hand hygiene needs. You can find it on her website.


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