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Avoid the scams: City of Bryan gives advice for hiring roofers after storm

The City advises people to research reviews and references and keep tabs on payments. If a contractor asks for a full cash payment up front, that's not a good sign.

BRAZOS COUNTY, Texas — With Wednesday night's heavy storms, there’s lots of people in the Brazos Valley that may have gotten some roof damage. 

Before you go looking for a contractor to help you out, though, the City of Bryan wants you to keep a few things in mind. 

If your roof gets damaged, there’s probably a short amount of time between that happening and your grabbing your phone to call a contractor. 

Before you do that, Gregory Cox, the Chief Building Official of the City of Bryan said, “check your references ask for recommendations on references. Also check better business bureau. If you have friends or neighbors, ask who they’re using.”

Usually checking those things should put your mind at ease, but once you hire your team, keep tabs on the payment. 

One red flag is paying in cash or getting money for materials up front.  

Cox said, “you really need to have some kind of contract if they want money up front. Some require a deposit, which is fine, but just be sure you get something in writing from them that it spells out the payments.” 

Having paperwork is also a good sign a contractor is legit. 

“To go door-to-door in the City of Bryan they need to have a solicitors license. They come to us to get the license and we’ll do a background check,” Cox said.

Even after severe weather like the area had on Wednesday, experts say you still might have more time than you might think.

Kurt Bradrich of Lone Star Roof Systems said, “if you’re not leaking now, you might not necessarily have to get your work done now. It’d be a good time to wait until the storm season is over with, and just have them actually get your roof inspected now, not necessarily replaced now.”

If you are looking to get your roof repaired, you’ll need to contact the city for a permit. 

For that information, call 979-209-5031 or email building@bryantx.gov.

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