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COVID-19 changing the hiring process around the world

Many job fairs and interviews have moved online, and with record-high unemployment in the U.S., job hunting is now a little different than what we're used to.

BRYAN, Texas — With social distancing still highly encouraged, many job fairs and interviews have moved online. 

The pandemic has resulted in record high numbers of unemployment in the United States. At the same time, some companies are also looking to hire during this outbreak. Getting a job right now may be difficult if you do not meet every requirement.

“Companies are still looking for the same people, now I will say that they’re very targeted in who they’re going to pick, because there’s an extensive amount of people looking. So you’re seeing the job hunters look for specific requirements that are being posted on that section, and if you don’t check off all the boxes, the chances of you receiving a call to do the interview is very, very slim," said Hiring Transformed CEO Michael Goldberg.

Going through a virtual process job application is not the same as an in-person interview.

“The difficulty is not seeing the person, shaking their hand, looking them square in the eye, seeing the environment that you’d be working in, is a challenge. So as a job seeker, you want to be asking as many questions as you can, about the workplace culture, about the management style, about the team, because ordinarily, you’d have that opportunity in face to face interviews, now it’s all done virtually," said Goldberg.

During the virtual job interview, Goldberg says strong presentation is crucial.

"Your presence needs to be professional. For men, it needs to be a jacket, the tie and the collared shirt. For women, nice blouses. You want to have good lighting. Have a light that shines above your head or a good window. You want to have great sound, so any type of headphones, earphones, AirPods, whatever you're used to wearing. Make sure you use them in your interview because you want to be able to hear the questions you're being asked. Finally, you want to have the ability to look directly into the camera when you're talking, just as if the person were sitting on the other side. That's super important." said Goldberg.

For one senior applying for internships during this pandemic, this transition to online platforms was difficult at first.

“All of the cues that you would have in person are a bit different online. I mean just logging on is a bit awkward and I think everybody knows it’s a bit awkward, where you just kind of have to pretend that it isn’t and keep going," said public health major Jane Vannaheuang.

For the safety and health of the public, physical career fairs have also moved virtually, which can make networking more difficult.

“It doesn’t seem like you get to meet people by chance anymore or really have any spontaneity in getting or meeting a specific recruiter or going to a job fair and just introducing yourself to somebody. It seems like everything we do now has to be really intentional, so I do think that going forward, I specifically have to continue to do more and more research and I have to know what I want to do, whereas before, you could go to a career fair, and you could meet a ton of people, get a lot of perspective. I think that's obviously a shortfall in doing things online," said Vannaheuang.

Goldberg and his company are holding seminars to help employers during this time with their virtual job hirings. For more tips and information on virtual hirings, you can visit https://hiringtransformed.mykajabi.com/webinar-registration.

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