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Matica Biotechnology opens in Bryan-College Station

Matica leaders said this is just the start as they continue to work towards more innovations.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — As the growth of technology continues to expand one business with ties to Korea is creating new job opportunities for people and possibly even helping their clients create life-saving therapies.

Although many regard Austin as the tech hub of Texas, Bryan/College Station leaders say that companies like Matica are making the area a base for biotech.

“Back in the day, people were thinking cell therapy that’s science fiction, it’s not a true medicine," said Dr. Yun-Jeong Song, the Chief Executive Officer of Matica.

Dr. Song said they’re helping turn fiction into fact by opening their new facility and finding ways to increase manufacturing processes for drug companies. 

Today’s grand opening of the company’s new facility marks a milestone for Matica who says that the Brazos Valley was the best choice for their company.

“For us, I think the vision was there, but as a new entity. It required a lot of help," said Dr. Jin Kim, a Board Member and Advisor for Matica.

City leaders said the support of campuses like Texas A&M and Blinn College makes all the difference.

When it comes to cell therapy, Chief Technology Officer, Mike Stewart, said it uses existing cells to manipulate their use before placing them back into the patient all to help prevent an increase in illness.

“Because the technology exists to be able to do that, you’re now being able to touch diseases that before you just couldn’t do," said Stewart.

For Matica, company leaders said they’re able to assist their clients with clinical trials and hopefully get FDA approval.

In short, they’re hoping to make their customer’s dreams a reality.

“Part of our journey is as our clinic clients then progress and mature into needing commercial production we will be there for them," said Andrew Arragge, the Chief Commercial Officer.

On top of that, they also want to see jobs expand for their company and welcome even more people through their doors.

“We’re north of 50 now, we plan on being around that 100 mark by the end of the year. Subsequently, we’ll evaluate the business and the business needs and continue to hire as we expand," said Stewart. 

Matica leaders said this is just the start as they continue to work towards more innovations.

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