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Surviving and Thriving in 2020: Shades by Skye

Starting a business is tough. Starting one during a pandemic is even tougher, but to six-year-old Skye, it was a challenge she knew she could see through.

BRYAN, Texas — It's been a tough year, and a lot of businesses have been through the ringer.

There are a few local businesses who have started this year, though, and are thriving.  

Whatever year you’re in, it’s tough starting a business… 

During a pandemic, it’s even tougher, but to six year old Skye, it was a challenge she knew she could see through. 

“Everybody was at home, we had a lot of quality time to think," said Evette Muckelroy, Skye's mother. 

"Skye has such a huge passion for fashion, playing dress up, she is such a girly girl.”

It wasn’t long before Skye and Evette turned her playtime into a passion, Shades by Skye, selling all kinds of accessories.

The venture is all to teach Skye about business and raise money for her college fund.

“I was nervous, because we didn’t know how bad the COVID was going to be," Evette said.

"With our shipping, I was worried about us getting our products, but we have some very faithful and loyal customers who will spend $100 per order.”

With new product launches planned in the coming months, between school of course, Evette and Skye continue to form her brand.

They have already got a jingle. 

“Shades, bows, accessories, come on guys, come shop with me.”

Skye came up with the song herself, and whatever Skye tries next, it doesn’t take sunglasses to see Skye’s future is so bright…

Well, you know the rest. 

You can find Shades by Skye on Facebook and Instagram.

Shades by Skye just keeps growing, and they are hosting a Vision Board Party for kids on January 30, 2021. 

Tickets are available here.