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BUY IT NOW: $25 Off Three Piece Insulator Bag Set + Color Choice + Free Shipping

Do the recalls that have been in the news recently have you thinking more about food safety? You're not alone, and my favorite Amazon deal today can protect your produce and your family.

While reusable shopping bags have environmental benefits, imagine a set of bags that can also keep your food colder five times longer than any competing product.

The award-winning Insolator is by far the best insulated bag set I've tested and it's guaranteed to keep your milk, meat, seafood and other perishables at safer temperatures. Its main bag can replace eight bags worth of groceries while the entire three-bag set can replace 12-14 groceries bags in total.

We've all been there: that trip to a discount food mart, big box store or food warehouse when we hit traffic or get distracted by other errands. Maybe you've loaded up your trunk with a week's worth of groceries when you get called back to work, a meeting or end up at lunch with a friend. While the weather is getting cooler, there are plenty of days this season when I wouldn’t leave Mother Nature in charge of my food.

While the Insolator bags were designed for grocery runs, this set is ideal for tailgating, travel, sports and camping. If you're tight on fridge space at work, this would also be ideal to transport your office or school meals.

Click the play button to see how this set expands.

Features of the Sacs of Life Insolator bag set:

  • Three-piece Insolator set is PVC- and BPA-free
  • Guaranteed to keep food cold up to five times longer than competing products
  • Collapsible set is easy to carry
  • Main carrying bag can replace up to eight conventional grocery bags
  • Entire set can replace up to 14 conventional grocery bags
  • Ideal for your next cookout or barbecue
  • Perfect for big box store trips and visiting farmer's markets
  • Designed for groceries, travel, camping and tailgating
  • Can keep food cool in the event of power outages and emergencies
  • Lowest-recorded price today

BUY IT NOW: $25 Off Three-Piece Insulator Bag Set + Color Choice + Free Shipping

  • MSRP: $55.00
  • List: $34.99
  • Sale: $29.99


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