BUY IT NOW: Get 11% off the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Surge Protector

If you’re new to home automation and smart devices, you might want to start small. Building a connected home takes time and patience, so just to dip your toes in the water, keep it simple with a Meross Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip. It may look basic, but it’s actually the surge protector of the future.

The Meross can power up to five devices with three AC outlets and two USB ports, each of which can be controlled individually from anywhere through an app. You can connect it through WiFi with no extra hub or accessories and integrate it with your smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Through the integration, you can set schedules and activate timer routines to protect your devices and reduce your power consumption in your home or office. For example, when you setup your Halloween or Christmas decorations, but only want them to turn on when it gets dark, it’s got you covered.

The power cord is six feet in length, so you can seamlessly set it up to fit your space. It’s compatible with iOS 9 or later and Android 4.1 or later, Alexa, Google, and IFTTT. Samsung and Nest will soon be supported. It’s the next step forward for your charging setup and the first step toward a smarter home.

Usually $26.99, you can grab the Meross Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip from for just $23.99 today.

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