It's almost Christmas time as far as retailers are concerned! Labor Day marks the last major holiday shopping weekend before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While there are reductions on Columbus Day, Labor Day is one of the last attempts to get you to spend.

In my mission to help you save, I want to remind you that not all sales are created equal on Labor Day and there are some very specific purchases I would avoid.

Before we get to what I would not buy, patio furniture and BBQ-related items are seeing incredible price drops. Appliances are a great grab from Home Depot and Lowes and you can find good deals on vehicle leases and purchases at local dealers. Household furniture is also a great purchase from local stores.

Click the play button to see some of your worst purchases possible.

If you avoid any of the items below, you will save up to 40% by waiting for the dates listed below. I will find you better prices right here so please bookmark our website. On Labor Day weekend, avoid:

- Laptops (better deals drop right here on Sept. 5)
- Power banks and small tech (better deals will appear on our website Sept. 5)
- Shoes (incredible deals drop Sept. 8)
- Handbags and Amazon fashion items (better deals drop Sept. 10)
- Home improvement items and ladders (better deals drop Sept. 18)
- Surveillance cameras (crazy good prices begin Sept. 21)
- Fitness trackers smart watches (deals as good as Black Friday on Sept. 22)
- Headphones and audio (you'll see better prices on Sept. 25)
- While mattress are a great purchase on Labor Day, bed sheets are a better deal on Sept. 26.

A reminder, I'll have every major deal for you right here and for email alerts on your favorite products, click here.

Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this station, Amazon Live and others. Neither Matt nor this station are compensated by the brands featured here. Prices are subject to change at any time and products are expected to sell out.