You've got to be serious? Those were the first words I uttered before handling a toilet-themed gadget at CES. At the world's largest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I've learned anything is possible and in my quest to celebrate great tech, this is an unlikely winner.

I wanted to make jokes about a motion-activated toilet gadget light but was quickly schooled by both a senior citizen, a mom, someone with accessibility concerns and a member of our production crew (who purchased an inferior knock-off from a department store).

Think less about your toilet and more about middle of the night bathroom stops. Think about household guests, kids or all of those times you've stubbed a toe, bumped into a piece of furniture or endured anything difficult in the dark.

CES is filled with both fantastic inventions and gimmicks - many more practical than others. One price drop that I never thought I'd profile is lighting the way for thousands in Asia and Europe where toilet tech is celebrated.

The MagicBuds motion activated toilet light with eight color changing modes, a motion sensor, LED and easy operation with three AAA batteries (not included) is at its lowest price in honor of CES.

It installs in seconds and is ideal for homes and people of all ages. Click the play button to check it out.

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Was: $29.98
Now: $14.99
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